Can Excel show column headers on every screen? Yes, in Excel it’s called Freezing Panes, which can be applied to columns or rows (or both), and it’s super-simple. We’ll also show you how to split screens, a similar feature. Both options make it easier to navigate big spreadsheets without losing track of basic data.

Freeze and Unfreeze Panes in Excel

The Freeze feature in Excel allows you to scroll down through hundreds of rows and still see the original headers or field names in row 1, or scroll over hundreds of columns and still see the data such as a product or person’s name in column A.

1. Open your spreadsheet and select View > Window (group) > Freeze Panes > Freeze First Column, and it’s done. Now you can see the company or product names beyond the first screen; that is, column A remains stationary at left while you move your cursor to the right as far as needed (even to the very last column XFD).

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