Japanese wisteria is a super-pretty flowering tree with purple, pink, blue and white bulbs that begin blooming in Japan in late April. If you can’t make it halfway around the world, however, Home Depot is selling root stock of the beautiful tree for just $22.49.

Unfortunately, the retailer is showing that the item is currently unavailable at the moment, though you can request to receive an email once they’re back in stock. If you’d rather not wait, however, you can also snag wisteria root stock on Amazon for the same price. It’s even eligible for Prime shipping.

Check out this stunning tree:


According to the product description, you can expect this tree to grow up to 10 feet or more annually  — even if you don’t have a green thumb!

You can grow these luscious trees right in your own backyard. Just make sure you plant the roots where there’s plenty of sunlight. The tree will also need about one inch of water per week.

Wisteria can grow in any type of soil that’s well-drained. Keep in mind that wisteria tends to climb, so if you plant it near a fence, be prepared for it to cling. And be sure to put a least 15-20 feet of space between each tree.

If you love wisterias and ever get the chance to make it to Japan, you have to take a trip to Ashikaga Flower Park, just north of Tokyo. There, you’ll find more than 350 wisteria trees, one of which is almost 150 years old. There’s also a 262-foot nature tunnel, featuring tons of wisteria blooms and thousands of square feet of wisteria trellises.

Check out a snap of the gorgeous tunnel, posted by a user on Instagram:

Wow! It honestly looks like something out of a dream or a fairytale!

Will you plant a wisteria tree in your garden this spring?

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