How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Unimportant Things
by Dr. Samantha Brody, author of Overcoming Overwhelm

“Be the type of person whose actions, words, and values always agree with one another.”
—Marc & Angel

I have been a fan of Marc & Angel and their work for ages.  In the summer of 2016 I found out they would be teaching a workshop in my hometown of Portland, Oregon at the World Domination Summit (a large-scale conference for creative types)… and I was too!  I would finally get to see them live.  But then when I went to get my ticket to their workshop it turned out that their workshop was scheduled not only on the same day as mine, but at the exact same time!  Thwarted!

So, when they invited me to present a workshop this year at Think Better, Live Better 2019, it was a big ol’ YES!  We talked through what topics would be the most helpful for the community and decided on (more…)

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Unimportant Things was orginially posted by Angel Chernoff

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