Neil Gaiman is having another moment. 

Next month the ultra-prolific author sees season 2 of the turbulent-behind-the-scenes, brilliant-on-the-screen series American Gods, now more closely based on his novel, premiere on Starz. A mere two months later, the screen version of Gaiman’s apocalyptic comedy book co-written with Terry Pratchett, Good Omens, is unleashed on an unsuspecting world via Amazon Prime. 

And while all this was in the works, the bearded bard of all things mythological casually became a writing professor for the whole plugged-in planet.  

Gaiman’s course, titled “The Art of Storytelling,” is now available on the celebrity learning app MasterClass. I’m far from the only Facebook denizen to see the ad for this class dominate my news feed in recent weeks. Social media knows us nerds too damn well. (It probably also knows most of us have half-finished novels stuck in desk drawers.)  Read more…

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Why Neil Gaiman talking at you for 5 hours from your screen is totally worth $90 was orginially posted by Chris Taylor

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