We have ourselves a new “Old Town Road” remix, people. Well, sort of.

Three days after Lil Nas X announced he was visiting Twitter’s New York headquarters to replace Jack Dorsey as CEO for the day, the @TwitterMusic account dropped a nearly three-minute-long video of the rapper’s time in the office, along with the words, “Old Town Road (CEO Remix).”

In the video, Lil Nas X sits down with Dorsey and declares, “I want to take over your position.” Dorsey replies, “You’re walking into a super stressful job.” Ha ha.

Lil Nas X then sits before Dorsey for a “job interview,” during which time the two discuss everything from Dorsey’s salary to his love for meditation during stressful times. (Spoiler alert: Lil Nas X sucks at meditating.) Read more…

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