It’s Cheat Week at Mashable. Join us as we take a look at how liars, scammers, grifters, and everyday people take advantage of life’s little loopholes in order to get ahead.

I consider myself a storied Tumblr veteran. After all, I’ve maintained an account (at varying levels of activity) since 2010. After the great NSFW-pocalypse in 2018, in which Tumblr banned “all adult content” from the platform, about a third of users collectively jumped ship. But not I. 

For me, and at least a few others, it’s hard to leave the bizarrely unique social sphere of a site like Tumblr. The news that Verizon recently sold the website to Automattic (the owners of WordPress) barely fazed us. There are legitimate reasons why we’ve stuck around for so long, most of all for the personal, tight-knit community early internet message boards and fan sites were known for. It’s almost like a semi-private group chat, where you can be out as LGBTQ, hyperfixate on weird shit, and openly kin Naruto (do not ask).  Read more…

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