Robert Downey Jrmustache Twitter a very important question

The Iron Man himself assembled an elite force of very opinionated Twitter users when he put his fellow Avengers co-stars on blast. With some throwback photos, he called upon the forces of the internet, asking them to settle the debate once and for all — who wore it best? 

Ok this time it’s real—Who wore it best, @ChrisEvans @MarkRuffalo?

— Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) March 20, 2019

Some fans immediately jumped into their extremely valid (and slightly thirst-driven) opinions. 

My vote is for Mark 😂❤

— Brucenat ♡ (@brucesnat) March 20, 2019 Read more…

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Robert Downey Jr. sparks ‘Avengers’ battle over who has the best ‘stache was orginially posted by Sage Anderson

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